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Gosocket is a social business network that connects companies through sent and received E-Invoices in different countries in Latin America where E-Invoicing is permitted. This connection offers value-added services of a financial and operational nature. Founded in 2012, it connects more than 1 million companies throughout Latin America with more than 500 million E-Invoices.

The access is through a web portal, www.gosocket.net, which can also be accessed on mobile devices, either through the mobile version, m.gosocket.net, or through applications native to smartphones or tablets which use iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows 10 operating systems.



Download our GOSOCKET Media Kit which includes: Gosocket Logotype (ai + pdf) and Gosocket boilerplate (pdf). To download, just click the button.


GOSOCKET in the media:

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FORMS of contact:

Do you wish to contact us? Write to us at press@gosocket.net

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