ADVANCE Payment of your Accounts Receivable

The access to simple, transparent and immediate financing has always been a necessity for the SMEs of the world, especially in Latin America. When financing is most needed, many times the SMEs or startups are even less likely to qualify for bank credits. The banks do not take into consideration that the clients to whom they are selling their products or services, in many cases, are companies in the “Triple A” category.

Since its conception, Gosocket has made its Factoring+ solution available so that its clients can complete their electronic factoring operations in a simple and universal manner with the bank of their choice. This has permitted thousands of companies to simplify their invoice discounting processes, and on average, more than $200 million USD in electronic factoring are processed monthly on Gosocket.

At Gosocket, we are always innovating for the benefit of companies, and for that reason we have launched the program “Anticipos” through which the users of Gosocket have a new alternative for immediate, transparent and economical financing. You must simply enter the Gadget “Anticipos” *, determine the amount required and you will have the credit in your bank account.


*Only available in some countries.

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