Gosocket – The Companies Network
Av. Vitacura 2808, floor 4.
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Phone: +56 (2) 2820 4219
Email: info@gosocket.net

ABOUT Gosocket

In 2011, the partners of the leading company in E-Invoicing in Latin America, Signature South Consulting, had a vision: to create a social network which will allow companies to access the true potential of E-Invoicing in a universal and democratic manner through empowering companies which are small, but have great benefits for their large clients and providers.

Through said vision, Gosocket was born. It is a social business network that connects companies in different countries of Latin America where E-Invoicing is permitted through sent and received E-Invoices.

Registering on Gosocket is free of charge, and the validation of companies uses the highest standards of security in the industry. The network works independently from the software solution used for generating E-Invoices; it is universal.

The access is through a web portal, www.gosocket.net, which can also be accessed on mobile devices either through the mobile version, m.gosocket.net, or through applications native to your smartphone or tablet which use iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows 10 operating systems.

Through business relationships, value added solutions are generated such as advance payment of accounts receivable, electronic payments and their conciliation, and the most ambitious, which is the opening of the network to developers throughout the world so they can develop applications of added value within Gosocket which will be called Gadgets.

And with this, the widespread growth of the network began…

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