Secure Flexible Global Localized Scalable Adaptable solutions
for the electronic invoicing ecosystem

We simplify the processes of issuing and receiving tax electronic documents to generate savings, productivity, and control.

Electronic invoice issuance

Issue electronic invoices simply, complying with local regulations, integrating with your ERP, automating processes, under the specific technical and operational requirements and modalities that your organization may need.

Electronic invoice reception

Simplify and automate processes related to the reception of electronic documents, eliminating risks, facilitating communication with your suppliers, reducing operational costs, and increasing your organization’s productivity.

Gosocket's API

With Gosocket’s API, you can easily integrate our electronic invoicing solution into your financial, accounting, business application, e-commerce, or point of sale systems quickly and seamlessly.

Web solutions

Gosocket’s solutions include web applications for issuing and receiving electronic invoices, designed to meet the needs of companies seeking agile and flexible solutions that do not require integrations or can be used for contingency purposes.

Specialized solutions for the issuance and reception of electronic invoices and electronic tax documents.

Flexible, interoperable, reliable, secure, scalable solutions that adapt to your business model, regardless of the size or sector of your company.

Flexible and interoperable
Solutions that seamlessly integrate with any ERP, financial software, or POS system.
Adaptable and customizable
Solutions that can be configured, parameterized, and adapted according to your needs and business processes.
Reliable, secure, and scalable
Solutions developed on Microsoft Azure technology, processes certified under ISO 27001, and offered in SaaS mode.
Specialization and experience
Solutions backed by 20 years of experience in electronic document exchange processes and electronic invoicing models.
Easy to use
Solutions designed with user-friendly interfaces for ease of use.
Specialized support
Consulting services and technical support tailored to your organization's needs, available in multiple languages and even in a 24x7 mode.

Gosocket has an ISO 27001 certified management system that ensures the security of your information.

Solutions for Small and Medium companies (SMEs)

Solutions for the issuance and reception of electronic tax documents in an easy and secure manner, regardless of the size of your organization or the volume of invoices that need to be processed.

Solutions for Large Enterprises

Tailored solutions for the issuance and reception of electronic tax documents to meet your specific needs, integrating with ERP systems, POS systems, or external systems, automating manual processes, and providing specialized developments for each industry.

Solutions for

Solutions that adapt to different business models, technologies, applications, and integration methodologies while ensuring constant adjustment to local regulatory changes.

Experts in the Exchange of Electronic Tax Documents in Latin America, with Global Reach

More than 10.000 clients
Over 10,000 clients of all sizes and industries.
More than 1.5 Billion Electronic Documents
Over 1.5 billion electronic documents processed on the platform annually.
Over 20 Years of Experience
Over 20 years of experience in electronic invoicing models.
Tax Compliance in 15 Latin American Countries
Direct electronic invoicing compliance in 15 Latin American countries and global reach through partners.

Gosocket ensures tax compliance directly in 15 countries and globally through Pagero, our parent company, consolidating the leader offer in global compliance for e-invoicing.

Built using
Microsoft Azure

Gosocket is developed using the highest standards in information security and supported by cutting-edge technology, ensuring the security and scalability of our solutions.

The Gosocket Network

Gosocket provides its solutions through an open business network model that connects buyers, clients, tax entities, and value-added services, enabling your organization to meet technical and regulatory requirements in any country where we operate. This facilitates interaction with suppliers and provides access to value-added services such as factoring.

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